Nanostopper® for food jars

Welcome to next level vacuum saving, with the revolutionary Nanostopper®.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle… and Relax

The Nanostopper® transforms any airtight metal lid jar into a vacuum container: Simply punch the lid with the included tool and insert a Nanostopper® to seal it. 

It even works without the Airtender®, since the Nanostopper® is compatible with premium hand operated vacuum pumps. Just attach the pump adapter to any premium hand pump to create a vacuum inside*

In short, the Nanostopper® is the perfect solution to enjoy great flavors, while minimizing food and packaging waste.

Watch the videos to see how the Nanostopper® works with both the Airtender® as well as premium pump.

*The hand pump adapter is only included in Nanostopper® sets

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