Powered Air Wine Aerating, Pulse Marinating, Cocktail Making, Wine Saving, Flavor Injection, Vacuum Saving

Take your kitchen & bar creations to the next level
with this smart air & vacuum appliance

The world's first source of
powered air for kitchen & bar

Airtender® is a smart plug-and-play air & vacuum appliance.  The unique air conversion technology inside lets
you control the power of air with a single touch. 

The possibilities are endless.

Explore the three Airtender® air modes and discover what they can do. 

High Powered Air

5 levels of positive air pressure
allow you to aerate wine, inject food with marinade, fill cupcakes, make foams, mix cocktails and much more.

Aerate your wine to absolute perfection

The Precision Aerator is just one of the accessories that use positive air pressure to achieve next level flavor.

Next Level Vacuum

4 vacuum levels and a vacuum overdrive setting let you save food, vacuum marinate, preserve wine, skim & baste roasts, to name but a few applications.

Maximize taste, minimize waste

Use the Nanostopper® vacuum stopper for wine bottles and to convert food jars into vacuum containers.

Airtender® is also compatible with premium brand vacuum containers, bottle stoppers & bags.

Custom Creative Mode

Create & save your own personal air & vacuum settings with the Airtender® app. Download it to take your kitchen & bar creations to the next level.

Customize your Airtender & recipes

Using the Airtender app, you can customise settinga to create and save your own personal air and vacuum modes.

Explore the Airtender® Accessories

Connect one of the available accessories to your Airtender® and start making next level creations in your kitchen or bar.
The Airtender® Starter Set comes with six accessories for you to start right out of the box.

Learn more about the various accessories below.



    Preserve your wine and convert any metal lid food jar into a vacuum storage container with the Nanostopper®

    Universal Zip Bag Valve

    Instantly convert any conventional zip-style bag into a vacuum bag with the re-usable Universal Zip Bag Valves.

    Pulse Marinater

    The Pulse Marinater combines positive air pressure and vacuum to quickly marinate and tenderize meat and other ingredients.

    Food Injector

    The Food Injector uses the Airtender®'s powerful positive air pressure to inject liquids deep into your kitchen creations.

    Universal Vacuum Adapter

    The Universal Vacuum Adapter makes the Airtender® compatible with premium brand vacuum stoppers and containers.

    Precision Aerator

    The Precision Aerator uses a stainless steel microfilter to split a controlled stream of air into millions of microscopic air bubbles.